Binding a Book

In Professor Kieron’s workshop (Talk 2), the class was shown how to bind a book so we could be able to create our own sketchbook, which is great!

We have also named other types of binds and discussed some points that us, artists, have to consider when dealing with books for a certain type of public.

At this workshop, we have learned how to bind a book in a square and perfect way, using a way of folding which is known as the ‘French Fold’.

Special and important notes when binding a book:

  • Give at least 5 to 6 layers of glue.
  • Do the book always bigger than the size you are looking for in the end because you will cut the edges at some point to make it perfect and straight.


Some types of binding:

The ‘French Fold’:

Things you have to consider in children books:

  • It has to be functional;
  • It needs to last longer than other books;
  • Consideration in the tactile of it: format and binding structure;
  • Scale: should be small;
  • Consider the type of paper;

Publishers might do books that last less than children books so they can sell more.


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