Photography (Introduction)


At our first Photography class, we had a brief introduction about photography and the ideals on how to take a good photo.

Here are some good points that I have annotated:

  • Make sure the quality is good enough and how big your image should be;
  • You need to know what you are photographing, if it’s flat, round, with texture, 3D or even installations;
  • Think about where you want to photograph, consider your background / what’s behind your object;
  • Evaluate the light / darkness;
  • With plenty of light is always easier to photograph
  • Exposure – Controlling the light
  • Aperture – The light that comes through the lens
  • Shutter Speed –  It is about how long the camera is exposed to the light
  • Focus – Controlling the sharpness
  • White Balance – Controlling Color


  • Access your work
  • Set Up your camera
  • Lightning
  • Comfort
  • Done

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